Grout Coloring

We Can recolor your grout to its original grout color or you can change your grout color to any color you choose. We have hundreds of shades to choose from. Grout color seal gives your grout a strong stain resistant barrier that is guaranteed to last for many years and makes your grout easier to clean.  If you are looking for a more permanent solution for your grout cleaning problems, then this is the answer you have been looking for.

Easy Clean Up

Your grout will look brand new with this amazing new grout color seal technology. Every grout line is treated with this revolutionary new product. Your grout will stay evenly colored for years and years and clean up will be a snap. If you want grout that is the easiest to maintain then this is the solution you have been looking for. Call today and get started on your way to beautiful easy to maintain grout.


Grout Coloring - Match or Change Color

At Grout Plus Tile and Grout Cleaning we have hundreds of grout colors to choose from. Our colors are matched to all grout manufacturers colors. If you are not sure what color your grout is our professional technicians will custom match your grout.



Clear Grout Protector

If you do not want to have your grout colored. Grout Plus can put a clear penetrating protector onto your grout lines. The protector offers a protection from stains and spills and makes the grout easier for you to maintain.


Grout Coloring Process

  1. Tile is first professionally cleaned to prepare the grout for coloring.
  2. All adjoining areas are masked off
  3. Grout color is brushed into the grout to insure a tight seal that will protect your grout from re-staining.
  4. Grout color may require a second coat
  5. Final clean up and quality check.
  6. Once the job is finished the color coat will be dry to the touch. Take extra care during the first 24 hours not to  overly disturb the grout lines.

Your colored grout will take about a week to cure, the longer it cures the stronger it gets. Use a sponge or string mop  and neutral floor cleaner to keep it clean. No harsh chemical or scrubbers should be used on color coated grout.

A Permanent Solution For Your Grout

Grout color seal lasts longer than ordinary penetrating grout sealer. The grout color contaminates from penetrating into your grout. The grout coloring process smooths the texture of the grout and prevents dirt from adhering to the surface, making it easier to maintain and spills that will wipe up in a snap. There are hundreds of colors to choose from or we can match your existing grout. Grout Plus specializes in tile and grout care and our grout color process is the strongest in the industry and is fully guaranteed.