Stone Floor Cleaning, Polishing, Enhancers and Protectants

Our specialized marble and stone restoration system will have your stone floors looking its very best. At Grout Plus we offer several services to clean, polish and protect your stone flooring. We use a deep extraction cleaning process that will clean and sanitize your stone floors. Our cleaning process will remove hidden odor causing contaminates that can penetrate into stone flooring. After cleaning, Grout Plus can buff your floors to a beautiful shine and we can use strong penetrating stone protectors to protect your stone floors and help to prevent deterioration.

Stone Care Specialists

If your looking for quality stone cleaning and restoration, then look no further than Grout Plus  Grout Plus offers free estimates and free demonstrations so you can see the amazing results we can achieve on your stone. We  pride ourselves on delivering the best service from start to finish.  We are here when you need us, to answer any question or fix any problems.  Our customers love to refer us because they know we won't let them down.

Amazing Results

Your natural stone floors can be restored to and polished to the look you want to achieve. Nothing beats the beauty of professionally maintained stone floors.

Specialized Restoration Process

At Grout Plus we specialize in cleaning and restoring all natural stone floor types using the latest technologies in marble and natural stone restoration and polishing. We use advanced polishing methods that will not only bring your stone back to a brilliant shine, it will also save you money. Grout Plus offers several techniques to clean, protect and polish your floors. Call today and find out what solutions are available for your beautiful stone flooring.
We service any stone or tile surface in your home including showers and counter tops.

Professional Trained Technicians

Stone restorations should only be performed by a qualified stone restoration company. Natural stone can easily become damaged if improper techniques are used. Not all stone is the same, different types of stone requires different techniques and products to clean, protect and polish it. Contact our office and a qualified stone expert will be happy to answer any of your questions about the care of your particular stone surface.